History of Cordova Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Originally the municipality of Cordova provided electric energy to the community. In 1978 the citizens of Cordova organized and voted to form a rural electric cooperative. These visionary citizens named the utility Cordova Electric Cooperative, Inc. and assumed member ownership and stewardship of the Cooperative.

The Cordova Electric Cooperative headquarters building is located at 705 Second Street in Cordova, Alaska. Along with the headquarters building there is the Orca Power Plant facility, Eyak Service Center, Humpback Creek Hydroelectric facility and Power Creek Hydroelectric facility, all located in or near Cordova.

Cooperative Data

Cordova Electric Cooperative was energized on September 30, 1978. We currently serve 1,566 consumers, have 78 miles of distribution, all underground, one substation, and a generating capacity of 18 megawatts as follows, Orca Power Plant facility (diesel plant) 10.8 megawatts; Humpback Creek Hydroelectric facility 1.25 megawatts; Power Creek Hydroelectric facility 6 megawatts.